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Introductory Readings/Audios

First Chapter of ‘The Happiness Trap’ – Courtesy of Dr. Russ Harris

First Chapter of ‘The Confidence Gap‘ – Courtesy of Dr. Russ Harris

Human Pain and Human Vitality – Prof. Steve Hayes

An introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Introduction on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by one of its creators, Prof. Steve Hayes

Embracing Your Demons: An Overview of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – By Dr. Russ Harris

A non-technical introduction to ACT. Really helpful.

ACT Introduction Trainings: Kindly created by the RMIT University

These are six podcasts, talking you through the key concepts in ACT. The podcasts are between 5 – 50 minutes long. These are not a substitute for formal counselling but will help you understand the concepts covered in ACT.