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Parenting Books

How to Talk to Kids so they will listen and listen so kids will talk (Faber & Mazlish)

Very popular book with excellent suggestions on how to relate and speak to your children. Uses behavioural strategies as well as compassion and acceptance.

The Joy of Parenting (Coyne & Murrell)

A new book on early years parenting. A compassionate guide, focusing on helping parents understand what they want for their children and working with acceptance and ‘doing what works’.

Parenting your anxious child with Acceptance and Mindfulness (McCurry)

Learning to face your child’s anxiety with compassion and acceptance, whilst learning techniques that have been empirically proven to work in helping your child face her anxiety in the most effective way.

Everyday Blessings. The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting (Kabat Zin & Kabat Zin)

A parenting book, teaching parents how to use mindfulness to enrich their relationships with their children.